May 30, 2014

I’m doing everything in my power to make this blog as low key as possible, therefore everything that gets posted here is at my discretion and whim.  While I am currently open to accepting books for review I will be incredibly picky about what I accept.  I am not catering to a particular age group with this blog, as can be discerned from my reading tastes below.  Sensitive eyes are encouraged to look away.

What I read:

Young Adult and Adult novels with a slightly heavier slant toward the former.

For YA I like fantasy of all types, books with supernatural angles (ghosts, vampires, angels, whathaveyou), dystopian/apocalyptic, historical fiction, thriller and most especially horror.  I want ALL the YA horror.  I will consider contemporary books, especially issue books, but my interest in those is pretty erratic.  Please NO boarding school type books or books that more closely resemble soap operas and no PNR-type books where the only thing fueling the plot is the romance.

For Adult reads I like historical fiction, thriller, mystery, true crime, horror, fantasy and PNR WITH romance and sex.  The more sex the better.  I’ll also accept erotica because honestly, who doesn’t like porn?  Other than liars.

Effective 10/1/17: I will not be accepting review requests from self-published/indie authors with whom I have not previously worked. I expect to open back up in early 2018. Please check back here starting then for updates. Any review requests received during that time will be deleted unanswered.

I am open to review requests from self-published/indie authors in the categories/genres listed above.  Any review requests received from self-pubbed authors, along with those from small indie presses, will be subject to greater scrutiny based on my past experiences, however, that door is no longer shut completely. I do recommend, though, that you read my short post about what will get your email deleted unanswered and great ways in which to get a no from me. I imagine you want none of these these things, so take a quick gander before submitting.

Go ahead and send your requests to

What I won’t read:

I’m not really interested in non-fiction unless it’s a topic that really interests me (ancient Egypt/Rome/Greece, old New York), science fiction (it really has to hook me in for me to read it), standard bodice ripper-type romance (I prefer to read my sex with the supernatural), religious books (fiction that moralizes or non-fiction unless it’s actually historically based), or any kind of self-help or how-to books.

Any review requests I receive that don’t meet these criteria will be deleted unanswered.

All reviews will be posted here, Goodreads and Amazon*.  When I accept a book for review you will get an honest review in return.  I do my best now to not DNF a book, however sometimes it can’t be helped.  I will read review books at my leisure, however if there is a time frame for a book I will gladly meet it so long as it’s reasonable.  I do rate books on a scale of DNF through 5, 1 and under being not good at all, 3 being okay and 5 being the best.  I’ll leave the rest up to interpretation.


*I do not encourage people to purchase books through Amazon due to their business practices with the publishing industry.  However, I’m well aware that until someone finally slams down the antitrust card on them, they’re yanking publishing around by the short and curlies and an author’s ranking on Amazon still plays heavily into the success of their book.  I post reviews on Amazon for the AUTHORS ONLY.  I will always recommend people go elsewhere for their books, be it Barnes and Noble, Kobo, their local indie shop or the publishers directly.