May 30, 2014

Instead of letting my former features slip into oblivion I decided to bring some of them to the surface just a little bit, as a reminder of what was on this blog, what people knew me for and what I put a lot of my effort into.  There are a couple in that drop-down menu that are current but I don’t have any plans for resurrecting any other features, nor do I plan on starting any new ones.  That kind of goes against my whole ‘low key’ attitude.


Not a feature but the glorious book club I currently belong to, I cross-promote the books we YAck on whatever blog I’m on.  We are still going strong and you can expect to find our monthly books listed here.

Author Events

This is where I file posts I make for actual book events I attend.  I’ll also put things like cover reveals and major author announcements here for the authors I have a lot of love for.

Author Bites

If I had an author on for a guest post or interview, it was filed under this.  If I happen to have an author on again this is where it’ll be.

Things I Learned from Books

This particular feature got me a lot of attention and whenever I attended BEA and a fellow blogger found out who I was this feature was inevitably mentioned.  Every week I would take a tidbit of information I learned from reading and share it with the class, usually with a humorous slant.

Freaky Friday

In order to showcase my love for all things YA cheese (read: YA horror from the 90s) I started this feature to highlight one book a week from days past.  From Christopher Pike and RL Stine to Diane Hoh and Richie Tankersley Cusick and everyone in between, I tried to get them all.

80s Awesomeness!

Because I have a sick obsession with the 80s, I wanted to show that on my blog.  Pretty irrelevant to books, I would post something from the 80s every week, whether it was fashion, a movie, toys, whatever I could find.