January 7, 2018

Totally forgot. I was putting all the focus on my yearly wrap-up post and this just escaped me. So here it is. No hard copies of books, but Kobo was having a sale and I couldn’t help myself.

Read a later book in the series and loved it so I wanted to start from the beginning. Lo and behold it was on sale!

I submitted a story to the fourth version of this so when edition 2 went on sale I nabbed it.

Sounded interesting and thanks to Kobo super points I ended up getting all 9 books in the series for free!


I don’t even know if I’ll like the first one. But you know what? The entire series was on sale so why chance it?

And then I just got a whole pile of books because Kobo sale.

And a freebie from Simon & Schuster for being a member of their mailing list.

I’m never going to see the end of my TBR pile and that’s okay.

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