December 2, 2017

More than expected this month. Granted every month I expect nothing but I always surprise myself.

Ever since I realized I completely brain-farted on the Helen Grace series I’ve been wanting to get the books to backfill my knowledge of the series. Lucky me I got two of the three that I’ve been missing, LITTLE BOY BLUE and LIAR, LIAR. Can’t wait to devour those. PLAYING WITH FIRE I’ve had on my list for a while. That and the two MJ Arlidge books were from PaperBackSwap. And HAUNTING THE DEEP is a Titanic/witchcraft book that turned out pretty awesome, actually. I’d highly recommend it. That came from Blogging for Books.

And the digital books I picked up this month. This one I found through BookBub and it sounded interesting. It was free it that made it even more interesting.

And then the rest I picked up through InstaFreebie. I still haven’t actually read any of the books I’ve gotten through that mailer so I can’t vouch for quality right now.

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