November 5, 2017

A decent haul this month, but one of the books is fairly tainted.

WONDER WOMAN: WARBRINGER by Leigh Bardugo and NIGHT OF CAKE AND PUPPETS by Laini Taylor I ended up picking up at the Denver Airport location of Tattered Cover because support local. And I have a problem. The POLLY AND HER DUCK COSTUME book is a random title that Hachette sent me. Actually they sent it to my old address and the people living there were nice enough to find me on Facebook and let me know I received it. I don’t review picture books but whatever. The PREACHER comic is something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now. I really like the show, and it’s really messed up, so of course I had to get in on the source material. So I’ll see how it is.

As for the LOST IN THE SHADOWS books (there are two there), those are HUGE disappointments. The content would be good if it weren’t so heinously edited (apostrophes as plurals *twitch*) and if the book itself weren’t falling apart in my hands. Turns out the publisher messed up and skipped a step in printing (this I confirmed with a local bookbinder) that effectively ruined the books. Thing is they’re not taking responsibility for it and they and the author are trying to pin it solely on USPS and poor handling. To the point where the author has blocked me on all social media after trying to wash his hands of the entire thing because he only supplied the content and had nothing to do with the book itself (have you ever seen an author do this, basically try to distance themselves from their own product as if their name isn’t plastered all over it?) and reneged on his offer of supplying a copy for the contest I did to help promote the book in the first place (I now have to use one of my two ruined copies, I would have a third but it appears to have been lost in the mail), and the publisher effectively questioned my integrity when I filed a claim for the missing book (instead of going directly to them because I refused based on the horror stories people kept posting about their interactions with them) and accused me of using some kind of “tactic” when filing damage claims on my other two books (which Paypal ended up closing and I received half of my money back for each of the two damaged books). It’s a shit show and I can’t wait to be completely done with it.

And one eBook this month. I couldn’t resist. It was too perfect.

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