October 2, 2017

Small haul last month and one book was just to add to my ever-growing Lost Boys collection.

I got the German translation of the Lost Boys movie novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner. That took over a month for me to get because, you know. Germany. Or as my husband so nicely put it, “Well, it didn’t ship from Delaware.” Thanks, Steve. And then MONSTERLAND by Michael Okon for my upcoming blog tour participation through The Children’s Book Review. Came with a lovely little swag pack too, including a mock up newspaper, a drawstring bag, and a rubber bracelet. Fun! It looks like a fun book too.

And just one eBook this month:

Seriously, indie/self-pub authors. Up your cover game. There’s no reason to have such awful-looking, handmade covers. Standing out because it’s bad isn’t a good thing. I’d rather see similar stock images used across multiple books that look professional than something that looks like it was slapped together in Paint. A lot of cover designers don’t charge a lot for pre-made covers and I’ve personally found that cover design isn’t all that expensive for a high quality product. Take it up a notch, guys. This one isn’t that bad until you enlarge it. Then it’s like oh I see where you put this together yourself.

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