I have the glorious honor of being a guest recapper at The Devil’s Elbow, a site dedicated to recapping and reliving all the glorious cheese that is Point Horror, Goosebumps, Fear Street, and all manner of 80s and 90s YA horror. Guys, I’ve found my people. I’ve been reviewing cheese going back to early 2011 when I had my resurgence of 90s YA horror love and started hoarding all those books again. It’s been a stunning love/hate relationship ever since.

And then I find this place run by, of all people, two of my fellow original members of the Lost Boys fandom from way back in the mailing list days. Life is full of circles, people! Full of them. So now I’m contributing recaps. First one up is Carmen Adams’s THE BAND:

Leather-clad creatures of the night who call themselves “The Band” are constantly on the lookout for new recruits to play music with them and to follow them into the darkness. (

I have already reviewed this book here if you want to dig through the archives or check out the review on my Goodreads page. Coming up is Carmen Adams’s SONG OF THE VAMPIRE (which this and THE BAND are filled with so much Lost Boys love I can’t even take it) and then into the fall I’ll be recapping LJ Smith’s The Forbidden Game series (which is filled with Labyrinth love, can you tell why I adore these books???).

So be sure to bookmark to follow along not only with my recaps but everyone else’s as they snarkily wade through some of the dredge that spawned during this early time for YA horror (and YA in general). Some books end up loved. More often than not they’re skewered and left to roast. And stay tuned because I’m getting slated as a guest on their podcast as well. Download those if you haven’t already. They’re rather awesome. Oh I can’t wait to chat cheese!

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