Published: March 29, 2011
Publisher: Chafie Press
Author: Website
Info: Goodreads

In 1692, when witch trials gripped the community of Salem, Massachusetts, twenty-six children were accused as witches, exiled, and left for dead. Fourteen of them survived.

The Survivors is the first installment of the tantalizing tales of the fourteen ill-fated Survivors and their descendants, who have been content in hiding for over three centuries. Isolated on a Montana mountainside, only Sadie, the rogue daughter, dares to abandon the family’s sacred hiding place. But no matter how far Sadie runs, something always pulls her back.

On a muggy summer night in Tennessee, she witnesses a shocking scene that will change her life forever. It is the first in a sequence of events that will drag her from the human world she’s sought to belong to for over a century and send her back to her Puritanical family and into an uncertain future filled with cunning witches, mysterious nosferatu shape-shifters, dangerous eretica and vieczy vampires, millennia-old mythology, and the search for her own mortality. After all…


The Survivors will steal your heart and invade your mind. Fall into the pages of Sadie’s life, a world so frighteningly similar to your own, you’ll find yourself wanting to go to the Montana mountains to find the Survivors for yourself.

And it is only the beginning. (

I’m not sure what I was expecting from THE SURVIVORS, but it certainly wasn’t this. There’s very little plot, next to no forward momentum and character motivation, next to no character growth. I felt like I was reading story fodder that had no business being published because it was the author working out the kinks in her story and finding out where the real story was. I mean I guess you could say it’s a character-based story, but there’s hardly any character development. The only character development that happens is Sadie devolving into a love-sick muppet when she meets Everett.

Sadie as a character is kind of crappy. She’s not relatable, she comes off as wooden, and she’s overly concerned with high fashion. I know more about designer fashion than anything else from this book. I mean there was so much fashion name dropping I half-expected to find Hansel and Gretel strutting the runway at the end of that crumb trail. It was just so much. And of course Sadie basically looks like a supermodel, but she doesn’t like all eyes on her, but of course she’s super modest because of her upbringing. She’s not an endearing character and to watch her go from T1000 for all the personality she had to a simpering pile of love-struck goo was just annoying.

The nanosecond of antagonistic tension in the story is dissipated within pages as we find out Mark isn’t a threat and he’s part of this larger family that oMG LOVES SADIE BE OUR SISTER SADIE. Gag me it’s TWILIGHT all over again. I mean the author even references TWILIGHT a couple of times in her book. Sadie turns out to be a total Sue, especially when she meets the Winter family and she falls in obsession with Everett, one of the brothers in this family of collected misfits who are all trying to control their bloodlust and blend in with humans. Plus Sadie’s super special with her purple eyes and her powers and she’s fantastic at everything. I honestly couldn’t help but think of the crappy special effects in the Twilight movies when the vampires were running every time Sadie and Everett went for runs as a means of traveling. C’mon.

I just feel like THE SURVIVORS is trying so hard to be something it’s not. I think the underlying concept of the book is interesting (otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it up) and I don’t mind all this mixing of supernatural elements. But this book was not a story. It was TWILIGHT and Glamour smashed together. There’s no motivation, there’s little to no tension, there’s little to no character growth, and at the end I don’t have many more answers than when I started. I feel duped. Instead of tension or thrills or mystery or even just a hint of something interesting I get a meandering expose told in a stilted voice about a woman who thinks rather highly of herself but in a clinical way falling unhealthily in love with someone she just met and by the end of the book you might have a hint of a story there. Might. I’m not sticking around to find out.


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