June 10, 2017

Really late getting to this. Sorry about that. I went to my company’s Pennsylvania office for a couple of days and then I extended my trip and went up to New York City for the weekend to see my parents and go to BEA. Yup. That post will be coming, probably for June’s book haul which I’ll post in a far more timely manner. I got back last Sunday evening and immediately got sick. I’m still trying to kick it, but it’s proving rather resilient to my foot.

No eBooks last month, but my husband did get me a gift certificate to Changing Hands and that went really well.

THE LESSER DEAD is actually from Paperback Swap. Everything else is Changing Hands. THE WALLS AROUND US, WINTERSONG, and EMPIRE OF DECEPTION are all books I’ve already read. Usually when I go into bookstores I’ll look for books I want to add to my library first because I’ve already read them. I’m not compounding my massive TBR any. But then I go and branch out and add to my little problem anyway. SHADOWCASTER and CATACOMB are the second and third books, respectively, in two awesome series and BIG MUSHY HAPPY LUMP was just an impulse. I love her comics and I wanted something fun. So why not?

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