May 6, 2017

It’s a little late this time around because I had family visiting last weekend and wasn’t able to get the haul up. But I’m making up for it by having a huge haul this month. The bulk of a big purchase I made on Paperback Swap came in plus I made the mistake of going to a bookstore (never a mistake) plus I bought a bunch of sale books from Kobo. It’s a big pile.

First with the hardbound copies:

Some of these, like THINGS HALF IN SHADOW, DEAD OF NIGHT, A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, FOUR, and THE ASYLUM NOVELLAS are all books I’ve already read and wanted for my library. It makes me feel good buying these books because I get more books without actually adding to my already ridiculous TBR pile. But everything else gets added to the ridiculousness. Plus the eBooks:

It’s never-ending. Plus I got a gift card to Changing Hands for my birthday and I’m going to BEA so . . . it’s not about to get any better anytime soon.

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