I’ve just never been this tired before. Thankfully we’re all moved into the new house and pretty much settled. We’re done with the rental aside from some money owed for repairs, but that’s easy enough to send off. My weekend commitments for CrossFit are over for the year and I can go back to my normal weekday workouts that don’t make me cry or launch me into a panic attack (seriously, pushing yourself so hard that you literally sob at the end of the workout and/or have all the air robbed from your lungs for about a half hour after you’re done, ugh). It’s kind of hard to do much after taxing your body into such a place, especially when you’re not that fit to begin with.

I did great things with myself these past five weeks. And now I’m just tired into my soul and I need some rest. I do have books to review and I do plan on posting them. I just need to be able to keep my eyes open and not be sore down into my marrow in order to do it. Please be patient with me. I shouldn’t be long in returning to normal.

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