176586Published: October 1, 1997
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Author: Website
Info: Goodreads

Paulette Fox refuses to let her blindness stop her from living a full life.  But one thing she’s never done is fall in love – until now.  Paulette knows Brad Jones is the only guy for her.

Even when her friends see Brad commit a horrible crime, Paulette is sure that he’s innocent.  Her friends tell her he’s out of control.  That she will be his next victim.  But Paulette knows he would never hurt her.

Is Paulette right about Brad?  Or has her love put her in terrible danger?  (book back blurb)

It was a different and good breath of fresh air to see someone who wasn’t perfect as a protagonist in a Fear Street book.  Because I don’t really have any experience with blind people I don’t know how accurate a representation Paulette was but I can say while reading her blindness posed a different perspective to the world in the book.  While I was able to picture certain things because I know what they look like, when it came down to a character I was left with a blank slate.  Paulette didn’t really know and neither did I.  So I saw into the world with a curtain over my eyes and it was definitely a different reading experience as a result.

Of course, like all good Fear Street books it was silly as hell with a lot of suspension of disbelief needed to get through the plot  (mainly to do with Brad but if you’re even half paying attention you’ll know what’s going on long before it’s revealed in the story).  It potentially goes down the Jekyll and Hyde route or, at the very least, split personality/Sybil issues and because the character is blind it adds to the tension of what’s really going on and who’s really doing what.

Even though it’s a later Fear Street book it lends itself to its original successors.  The characters aren’t irredeemable or are competing against each other for something or playing at friends but really aren’t.  This could possibly be because the main character is blind and a bid to not add insult to injury and canonize her a little bit but really it was a refreshing departure from the rest of them.  Friends were actually friends, no one in that friends circle had selfish ulterior motives or anything.  They relied on each other and they counted on each other and I liked seeing that.

Because I figured out the “twist” (seriously, it was laughably obvious what was going on so it wasn’t any surprise) the suspense was blown for me so I didn’t find the story at all scary or thrilling but I liked the characters.  Genuinely liked them.  Paulette’s friends were rather standard issue but and the villain was on a level of mustache-twirling but the people who weren’t SUPPOSED to be stabbing each other in the backs weren’t and I just loved that so.

So really not the best Fear Street book in terms of story but after a string of crappy characters it’s a breath of fresh air and I just really enjoyed reading it just for the non-poop stain characters.


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