May 28, 2015

My job has me traveling a fair bit and I’ve made it my mission to go to the local bookstores wherever I go.  Because why not?  That’s why.  Locally I get Changing Hands and they spoil me so for bookstores.  Where I lived in Connecticut I didn’t have anything that was reasonably close other than a Barnes and Noble or, until they closed, Borders.  Which is weird because you’d think Connecticut would have more indie shops.  The one I went to growing up closed before I graduated high school and the one I found near where I worked I went to once and they closed before I had the chance to go back.  It made me sad.  Now, no worries.

At the beginning of this month I went to Denver and, amidst work things, I visited The Tattered Cover.  Oh what a wide open space of new and used books.



It’s just so spacious and there’s so much room to move around and explore, or just sit and take a read.



It’s just a hint labyrinthine with hidden corridors of books, stacks and multiple levels



A full level downstairs is where all of the YA books are and it too has it’s own reading nook.  Upstairs has a half level up with an information counter and, of course, more books.  You can see that in the second photo above and it’s where I was standing to take the first photo.


These baubles were hanging out on the ceiling in one of the book areas.  I liked them.

And the books I bought from them:IMG_4246

I was in the mood for some used books.


And then the next week I went to Salt Lake and they have The King’s English.IMG_4265

It’s a cute little old house-type shop in a mostly-residential neighborhood.


It’s all neat and creaky on the inside and super smashed in with books.  The woman at the till was saying it gets a bit difficult when they have events.  Some of the shelving is on rollers and they have space next door that they can use but if you go to one of their events at the very least wear deodorant.  For the sake of everyone.


I didn’t really get any interior shots but I’m sure this won’t be by last visit to The King’s English.  I mean I’m OBLIGATED to patronize indie shops for the good of, you know, local commerce.  Plus . . .


I get to hang out with these lovely ladies when I go.  To the left is Holly of Book Harbinger (whose site is telling me it’s suspended, you might want to get on that, Holly) and to the right is Angie of Angieville.  It’s our little mini-YAckers get-together that included tasty breakfast and books.  If that isn’t the start of a good day, I don’t know what is.

The books I bought from The King’s English:


*licks books*  Can you tell what mood I was in?

My next scheduled trip is to San Diego (not for work but for wedding stuff) but I may have traveling come up before that.  We’ll see what stacks I get into next!


2 responses to “To Bookstores I Go”

  1. Sandy says:

    Yay for a yackers meet-up! Hopefully in the future I’ll get to see you and the rest of the yackers 🙂 Both of these bookstores sound fun. I think you’d like the indie store on long island–it’s very cozy and it is well-stocked.