nightbreed 1Pub Date: November 5, 2014 (per the publisher website)
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Author: Website
Info: Goodreads

A secret society of monsters and misfits, The Nightbreed have always been with us.

New in canon stories from Midian and the world of NIGHTBREED based on the cult horror film! Explore both the past and the present of this clandestine tribe of creatures, unleashing new secrets and horrors as they fight to coexist with mankind. As Peloquin makes meat of slave owners, he will soon discover his true hatred for naturals. The only ones to trust are those made of the night. In another time, a world away, Shuna Sassi only knows a life of fear. With the death of an important senator, she is cast out from the world of prostitution and forced into the sewers. The voice of the man she has killed haunts her very soul, but will it tempt her to finally give herself the ultimate end?  (

If you’re familiar with CABAL by Clive Barker and the subsequent early 90s movie Nightbreed based on that novella then you’ll know what I’m talking about here.  If you’re not then stop, go read the story and/or watch the movie (preferably both) and then come back because you’re missing out.

Releasing at about the same time as the re-release of the movie, NIGHTBREED VOLUME 1 introduces us to new canon in the Nightbreed world.  It acts as a prequel back to varying years on the timeline, from 1857 to 1945, and follows Peloquin (my favorite) and Shuna (also a favorite) at what isn’t necessarily the start of their Midian lives but what’s going to build to be integral moments in their lives as the series continues on.

The art, I think, fits with Clive Barker’s world.  It’s dark and bloody but filled with detail that lends itself to enhancing the world of these monsters.  You don’t really get to see Midian yet in this comic but the monsters bring that world with them wherever they go and the art uses that as a central force throughout the comic.  Midian is with them even when they’re not there and it creates a pulse for the story that gets my heart beating in tune with it.

And it’s a good story too.  You have Peloquin being Peloquin, shooting first and asking questions later but possibly making a mess for himself further down the road and Shuna who’s on the cusp of having her life thrown into upheaval but especially for her, her in-plot profession lends itself to her character in the movie.  It’s been far too long since I’ve seen the movie so I am having a hard time connecting dots that would probably otherwise be obvious if it were fresh in my mind but some things are still there and they’re working out just fine.

I’m anxious to see where Andreyko takes the story.  He’s done the canon justice so far so I have faith in future volumes.


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