September 13, 2014

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Trinity’s world changed forever the day she stole Emmy’s egg. Now she’s on the run with the last living dragon and twin brothers from a war-torn future. Connor may have betrayed his mission to kill Emmy, but he’ll do whatever it takes to prevent the coming dragon apocalypse. Coddling a temperamental dragon on its way to being the size of a house is no way to keep them safe. But Caleb can’t stand to see Emmy trapped and miserable.

When a video of Emmy flying over the skies of the Texas Hill Country goes viral, the government closes in–and the future they’ve risked everything for is about to go up in flames.  (

On to book #2 thanks to Mari herself.  She’s my dealer and keeps me well-stocked.  I’m not ashamed to say it.  But I DON’T have a problem.  Nope.  Not a one.

Mari amped up her game in this one and really dragged her characters to the brink and back just far enough so they didn’t tip over into the abyss.  I like the darkness that’s seeping out of her.  I owe it to the dragons, I think.  Because no matter how [somewhat] cute and cuddly they’re made, they’re still destructive beasts that’ll tear stuff up.

Trinity is in a bind and while it takes her a little bit to really settle into her priorities, she really amps them up and makes them her life’s work.  But she is human and I don’t think she can help a little bit of play going on.  She is, at her core, rather desperate to go back to being normal, live a normal life, go to football games and homecoming and only have to deal with homework.  But she has a dragon and that kind of puts a crinkle in life.  Especially with a mad dragon experimentation group and the NSA are after her.  Just small hiccups in the game of life.

Connor is probably the most static of them all, breaking form for Trinity only a little bit and beating himself up for doing it afterward, usually because there are some pretty heinous consequences for letting his guard down, like people getting maimed and killed.  So I’ll let him have his self-flagellation.  Caleb is on a downward spiral of self-destruction and there doesn’t seem to be anyone that can pull him out of it.  People are willing to help, of course, but he’s the only one that can fix himself.  I can’t say I really feel all that bad for him.  His decisions and his own butt hurt of life got him to where he is but he’s still a somewhat tragic figure so I’ll let him have that.

Scarlet.  Well, not my favorite.  I’m on Trinity’s side with her, this petulant little thing coming in and having all these opinions about things she knows nothing about and casting all this judgment around all helter skelter.  Yeah, she didn’t get off on the right side of me.  Scarlet has her uses but only after making one stupid mistake after another that only compounds problems for the trio as they try everything in their power to keep Emmy out of sight.

And poor Emmy.  Like Trinity, she’s a teenager stuck in a crappy situation, but unlike Trinity she has the ability to kill people will a vigorous burp.  And she’s a dragon so no trips to the mall for her.  But she’s really coming into her own as an anthropomorphic character with feelings and wants and needs instead of being an overlarge football being passed from one person to another.  She breaks out of her chains, sometimes literally, all with purely good intentions, but they end up having some rather catastrophic consequences.

The plot is action from beginning to end and the cliffhanger ending has me salivating for more.  After shoving her characters through a pasta maker I really don’t know what else she can do to them on the other side of this book number 2 but she has me on tenterhooks about it.  The ending of SHATTERED was rather bittersweet with a nod toward more bitter so I’m wondering just how the series as a whole will end up turning out, especially as she gets darker and harsher things keep happening to everyone involved.  I’ll stay tuned, I know that much!

4 1/2

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