January 28, 2012

Title: Evil on the Bayou
Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick
Published: September 1, 1992
Publisher: Dell Publishing Co., Inc.
Pages: 148

Meg Daton has been uneasy since the moment she arrived in bayou country. Being volunteer nurse to the shriveled husk of a dying woman she hardly knows is bad enough. But the house, where strange, inexplicable things keep happening, is even worse. And the people! Though Esther seems good-hearted, Wes, her handsome, tight-lipped son, is frightening. Most menacing of all is debonair Dr. LaVane, who treats Aunt Belle behind a locked door. Wes and Doc blame each other for the mysterious death of Wes’ sister Anna – a mystery that becomes starkly real to Meg when she begins to realize that Aunt Belle’s unexpected “recover” may cost her her life. (

I’ll take it. It sounds pretty interesting, the setting is a bit off the norm and there’s ‘bayou’ in the title. It’s gotta be some level of creepy.

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