I’m back from my desert foray. It was glorious. Didn’t get much reading done because for the most part, when we were in the resort room, we were sleeping. Otherwise we were out and about doing stuff. I wish I were able to read in the car because with all of the driving we did, I could have plowed through a few books. Seriously, in the span of 6 days, we drove about 1,200 miles. All well worth it.
I would have done some posting today but the Benadryl I took earlier kind of knocked me on my ass. See, I switched deodorants just before I went out to Arizona and apparently I was a bit allergic to the new one. I just didn’t recognize that it was an allergic reaction as opposed to some possible minor shaving irritation until it was far too late and I was wishing it were only some minor shaving irritation. I won’t go into details because it’s pretty gross but I’ll just say that it itches so bad I want to break off shards of glass and rub it onto my skin to ease it. At least the Benadryl does work. It just sends me into coma land. I’ll be working from home until I can wear something tighter than nothing and not go into itching fits about it. I highly doubt they’d let me wear my boyfriend’s oversized Mr. Roger’s t-shirt in the office.
But aside from the rash from hell, I had a great time. I saw some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen and it made coming back to Connecticut exceptionally difficult, especially when the drivers out there are far less aggressive and douchy as they are here. Driving back home from the airport made me want to kick a puppy. I ate some awesome food, the people out there were insanely nice and I saw a ton of cacti. I even had some shipped back to me. I should see that by the end of the week.
Of course, all good things must come to an end (I guess, for now) and I’m back to the grind starting tomorrow. I’ll post the final Summer Blast Giveaway winner then, along with continuing with my regularly scheduled programing. Until then . . .

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