July 28, 2011

It’s absolutely not too early to start talking about ALA’s Banned Books Week and my own personal Ban This!, an annual month-long celebration of all things banned books (check out 2009 and 2010). Book banning and challenging is a year-round activity for those that insist on doing such things so really, any time is the right time for pointing out the asshattery of book banning.

This year, a special YouTube channel is being created so that anyone with a video camera, from any location, can upload themselves reading an excerpt from their favorite banned book and have it be slapped together in one giant F-U to the book banners. While I’m not a vlogger (I’ve only done it once), you may just see my lovely mug right here on this site reading from a banned book. I mean, how can I pass something like this up?
So expect that, along with other book banning mockery in the month of September. I’ll be posting the sign-up post for Ban This! towards the end of August. I’m not sure of Steph Su will be doing the Banned Books Reading Challenge again this year but if she doesn’t, I hope someone will. As book lovers, we need to stick it to the banners every chance we get!

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